Hidden content marketing strategy for your business

What content marketing strategy do you use? care to tell us? well if you have none, then you might want to opt for at least one of these listed below.

Quite often we hear people say “content is the backbone of digital marketing”.  Well, that is not in any way wrong , as a matter of fact, lot of businesses and brands have thrown a lot at creating great contents for their online marketing and this has in turn resulted to a very high level of competition on Google search page 1.

With such level of competition, a lot of daily contents posted go unnoticed, seen or read by those they are intended for. As a small or growing business, with a wrong content marketing strategy, am afraid to say that you are just writing your blogs and posts for the sake of writing it if you don’t have enough capital and resources to push it to the first page of Google result to be noticed.

There is only a few results that the first page of Google search result can display and the odds of your blog posts (as a small business) making it to the first page of Google for every of your keyword related search result are slim.

With such competition, you need a sure content marketing strategy to get your contents to your readers without actively participating in Google SERP competition. Below I will be revealing to you some ways with which you can go about this effectively.

Instead of focusing your energy on creating numerous contents that may never be read, you need to spend time to think of how you can get your already written contents to your readers. You need to know the channels relevant to your audience study how business similar to yours are leveraging these channels to publish their contents.

 Here are few ways you can repurpose your content marketing strategy across some powerful channels/media to drive more traffic, cause a strong user signal, create more backlinks and (hopefully) increase conversion on your website.

1. Convert your blog post into an e-book

With advancement in technology, you do not have to possess designing skills to create ebooks. With a simple tool like Designrr you can easily turn the blog post you’ve written into a visually stunning e-book and get people to register their email to get the ebook for free. This serves for you as a lead magnet.


Add the relevant keywords you want to rank for on the ebook landing page and also write content relating to the information written on the e-book. And lastly, include easy to see and use social media share buttons to enable your readers easily share the e-book link with their friends and colleagues.

2. Leveraging the power of Video in marketing.

If you have not started using videos in your marketing, I wonder what exactly it is you are using that can work for you more than videos. You can easily create videos from your already published blog post using simple tools like Content Samurai or Lumen5 with simple steps like copying and pasting your blog post content into the tool, adding images, background music or narration, transitions and any other effect you need to make your desired quality video.  

Doing this increases your chance of getting your contents in front of your targeted readers and also, Google is known for including relevant videos as part of their search results thus, this doubles your chance of appearing either in the text based results or video result as there Is likely not to be much competition on YouTube for your targeted keywords.

3. The power of email

The believe that “email is dead” is not totally true. You can easily get your customers engaged by sending emails of valuable information relating to your brand both for free and sale

You can employ email marketing as a powerful way to get your blog, image or video content seen.

Your email signature is a great way to promote your website content. Each time you create or post a new content on your site, simply include a direct link of that content in your email signature can effectively boost your visitors because for every single email you send out, there is a very high chance that the reader will see your signature and probably click to visit if the information is relevant to him/her. Saying a simple statement like, “Kindly checkout our new post: #link,” or making it more enticing in form of a question like “Want to know how to…..,” ” wonder where you can….” can influence their interest to click.

4. Influencers share power.

This is another way by which you can get more people reading your contents. You can search for influencers in your niche, and find a way of mentioning them in your content. Be sure to present them as a hero (if applicable) or simply mention them in a way that projects their brand positively. Send them am email telling them about your post and their inclusion in it then politely ask them if they will be willing to share your post link to their audience on their social media channels. If their response is positive, congratulations! You just succeeded in tapping into their network of followers.

5. Posting in relevant Forums and website.

Posting valuable contents in form of answers to questions educative posts relating to your niche on some populated forums and websites with a link back to main website can also help increase your number of page visitors. This is a content marketing strategy used mostly by many Quora users. Similar websites like reddit or international forums and niche related forums can also be very effective in this regards.

To do this, search for forums relating to your niche, create an account, read their rules and regulations to be conversant with the way things are done and there after start posting and commenting. Be sure to make reasonable and valuable posts and also endeavor not to spam the forum to avoid being ban.


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